Finding Magic

Tonight I spent some time writing a descriptive essay in the form of a “For Sale” ad, which is what I’m having my students do right now. As often as possible, I slide my tired, size 7 feet into my students’ shoes to help me better understand what I’m asking them to do…and I am always, always enlightened by the experience. Somehow, it makes their joy and their sweat more real to me. When I stand in front of them and share a wildly emotional novel I’ve just finished or a deeply personal piece of my writing, it changes the story of us…of our classroom. It’s magical and it happens all day, everyday in our classroom. How do I create this magic? I don’t…I find it. Several years ago, I made the shift from being a seeker¬† to a finder. ¬†That seemingly small, yet significant shift tilted my world in a whole new direction and I’ve never looked back. What are you waiting for? Go find some magic.

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